East Peckham Agility Club, Teaching people. Teaching dogs. Having fun!

Welcome to East Peckham Agility Club.

We are located in East Peckham, about a mile from the Hop Farm at Paddock Wood, in Kent.

We train outdoors on a level, well maintained field with a full set of competition equipment.

All our training is reward based, either a favourite toy or food, we do not tolerate harsh handling of any dog. We believe that no matter how your dog has behaved or what his attitude to agility is, it is YOUR responsibility.

We encourage people to come and watch, join in if they want, before they make a decision to join us.

We believe that everyone should be taught the basics correctly so that if they want to progress to competing they have the necessary skills to do so. Even the top agility handlers had to start somewhere!

All breeds and size of dog are welcome to come and train with East Peckham Agility Club from complete beginners, you do not need to have a collie.

All agility has a sociable, fun side. I try to make classes fun but challenging, with attainable goals being set. I want you to come away with a feeling of achievement and looking forward to your next target.

Did I mention its FUN?!!

Each course runs for 6 weeks. In the winter the training is on Saturdays and Sundays but in the summer this changes to weekdays and weekday evenings.

Please contact me for availability of classes.